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Established in 2009, Ace Education Group specializes in international high school courses and is committed to promoting globalization of primary education in China, enhancing the competitiveness of Chinese students. Our thorough research of the American curriculum has allowed us to integrate our courses with American philosophies. Partnering with 6 well-known Chinese universities and high schools, currently we have approximately 400 students studying in ACE programs, which are located in Beijing, Shanghai,  Chenjinglun, Chongqing, and Xi’an. Our branch office in the US (ACE International Education Corporation) enables us to provide one-stop service for students and families studying abroad.  After 7 years of successful operation and development, Ace Education Group has transformed into a complex organization of international course research, course provider, and oversea study consulting/on-the-spot guidance, serving nearly 1,000 individuals and counting.



ACE Education Services

-1+3 US High School Program: Domestic students complete 1 year at a Chinese Parnter School and 3 years at an American Partner School

-2+2 US High School Programs: Domestic students complete 2 years at a Chinese Parnter School and 2 years at an American Partner School

-Integrated Courses: Domestic students can enroll in any of our American Curriculum integratrated courses at Parnter Chinese Schools to expand their education

-Study Abroad Assistance- Aiding students who wish to study abroad for shorter time spans such as 1 semester or year

ACE US High School Programs

Ace US High School Courses are designed for graduates of junior high schools. We cooperate with American Calvary High School and Bloomington Christian School to deliver high-quality full-time courses, which are in accordance with the American common core standard. Students can choose either of the “1+3 or 2+2”modes. Classroom study and online study are integrated and taught by Chinese teachers, foreign teachers both in China and the US. After participaing in our learner-oriented course programs, students’ English language skills and academic performance is strengthened; their overall ability in leading, teamwork, communication, and self-care is also enhanced. This enables students to adapt to US teaching styles more swiftly and get offers from US high schools and universities successfully. The competitiveness of our program lies in the seamless transition between our high school courses and US high schools and universities.


Course Advantages

High Acceptance

Credits received upon completion of courses are accepted by WASC Accreditation and thus admitted by universities like Stanford University, California University Berkeley, California University Los Angeles, and University of Southern California.

Registered US High School students

Students can be registered in American  High Schools through our co-operative partnerships with many top US high schools.

Wide variety of subjects

Our courses include subjects of ESL, English Literature, Social Science, Physical Science, Maths, Art, Physical Education, Second Foreign Language, Elective courses and Clubs. All those subjects will help our students become more prepared on knowledge and skills needed for further study. (For subject details please check Course Modules)

Small Classes with level-teaching

Maximum number of students in a class is 20 in our Chinese School Courses. Group teaching and individual teaching is provided for students of different levels. Interactive teaching is highly valued to inspire students’ critical thinking, creativity, public speaking and communication skills. A system of varied assessment is designed to evaluate students comprehensively. Individualized tutoring and study planning is set up according to students’ personalities and interests. All those are done to help students make it to a satisfactory ideal school.